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March 2020 Archives

Do you know the signs of elder abuse?

Caring for an aging loved one is both an honor and a challenge. Not everyone is up to the task, so they require help from outside sources to do some of the heavy lifting -- so to speak. New Jersey residents want to believe that their loved ones are being taken care of, but the simple truth of the matter is, elder abuse is relatively common, and it is something everyone should look out for.

Careful estate planning can make probate easier for heirs

Many people know that having an estate plan in place is a good idea. Yet, many New Jersey residents do not. If they do, there is a fair chance that it was not set up as well as it could be or that it needs updating. Careful estate planning is required to ensure the probate process is easy for one's heirs, so it is worth taking the time to get it done right.

3 red flags that may signal undue influence in estate planning

Drafting a comprehensive estate plan is one of the more effective ways to protect a person’s assets. After all, without one, intestacy laws control what happens to an individual’s real estate, personal property and other assets. Of course, wills and other estate planning documents are only meaningful if the person drafting them exercises his or her free will. 

Estate litigation and a last minute beneficiary change

When working through your loved one's estate, you found something concerning to you. At the last minute, it appears a beneficiary change was made. This has you questioning the validity of the estate plan as a whole. In New Jersey, to deal with this type of situation, estate litigation may be necessary.

Want all or part of your estate to go to charity?

Many people in New Jersey give money and/or their time to charitable organizations while they are alive. Some people, though, prefer to give after they leave this life. Wanting all or part of one's estate to go to charity is an honorable thing. If this is something one desires, it requires careful estate planning. Here are three ways one can ensure the charity or charities of one's choice get the money set aside for them.

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