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Guiding You Through The Estate Administration Process

If you are the executor, trustee, administrator or personal representative of an estate, will or trust, you undoubtedly realize that estate administration is a lengthy, complex process. Many people attempt to administer an estate without a lawyer’s help. Too often, however, people make errors that result in greater expense for the beneficiaries. We recommend working with an experienced attorney to ensure the process goes smoothly.

At Torzewski & McInerney, LLC, we represent executors and other representatives, in administering and settling estates and other related matters. Our Morris County estate administration attorneys have more than 40 years of experience in the administration of estates and trusts. In addition, we can represent you in probate litigation if a dispute arises. Contact our team to discuss your estate administration needs.

Our Experience Makes A Difference

During probate, the will is proven, the fiduciary appointed and the estate is administered. We can direct your family through the entire probate and administration process, which includes:

  • Application to and appointment by the surrogate’s court
  • Marshaling of assets
  • Payment of liabilities
  • Filing all tax returns of decedent, income, estate and inheritance tax returns
  • Distribution of assets in accordance with estate plan
  • Preparing formal accountings for court
  • Concluding administration/close the estate and filing of refunding bond
  • Resolving estate disputes

We can also help you with trust administration by distributing assets to beneficiaries, paying the bills and filing the necessary documents.

There are numerous additional financial and legal concerns to settle after a loved one dies. We can assist you with these matters, including applications for life insurance, annuity death benefits and retirement plan death benefits.

The firm also provides post-mortem planning, which includes the proper use of disclaimers to maximize tax savings. Please speak with a lawyer to learn how this may apply to your case.

Meet With Our Trust Administration Attorney

An attorney with extensive experience guiding people through the trust administration process is here to provide you with the guidance you need. To schedule an appointment, please call 973-359-0080 or contact us online.