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March 2018 Archives

Estate litigation and the Glen Campbell case

Glen Campbell, the country music star who is a legend in his own right, died in Aug. 2017. He left behind a massive estate, valued at around $50 million. His wife is said to be at least one of the beneficiaries of the estate, while three people -- the singer's children from a previous marriage -- were not included in his will. This has led to estate litigation and claims that Campbell's wife is to blame for their lack of inheritance. Such claims are fairly common, whether one is closing out an estate in New Jersey or elsewhere.

Estate planning tips for newlyweds

Whether you marry when you are 25 or 60, there is a lot you will need to take care of in the immediate future. Planning now will ensure you and your spouse are ready for the future whatever that may hold. 

Estate planning can help to avoid or prevent undue influence

Undue influence is a real phenomenon in New Jersey and nationwide. It involves the exertion of pressure -- subtle or direct -- over an elderly person, which is intended to take advantage of the person's weakness, infirmity or other vulnerabilities, to improperly usurp the person's free will and make him or her give part or all the estate to the one exerting the undue influence. This may include attempted manipulation of the estate planning process for improper financial gain.

Estate litigation common for blended families

With the high divorce rate in this county, the number of people in New Jersey and elsewhere who go on to marry again is pretty high. Blending families is a tough job for parents, and sometimes, no matter the efforts taken, there may be some bad blood between step siblings or even step parents. This, of course, can lead to estate litigation issues.

New Jersey contested guardianships: Fighting for yourself

The ability to take guardianship of an adult has been made possible for good reason. Unfortunately, those seeking guardianships are not always doing so for the best interests of the individuals of whom they are placed in charge. When this happens, it may be possible to fight the validity of the guardianship in court. A New Jersey-based attorney who has experience handling contested guardianships may prove extremely helpful in doing this.

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