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Home » Elder Law » What to consider before shopping for nursing homes

A nursing home could provide a place for your aging loved one to reside where there is access to assistance with daily tasks, as well as needed medical care.

Prior to shopping for a facility that meets your expectations, you should do some research. Highlighting your expectations from the start will give you a clear idea of which facilities will meet your standard of care.

Look at your budget

Budgeting for elder care will take time and could require the contribution of a few family members. You will want to coordinate with your loved ones to assess the most appropriate way to fund your family member’s nursing home care. According to CNBC, one study revealed the average cost of long-term care could reach as high as $172,000. Knowing what your budget looks like ahead of time can help you streamline your search for facilities that meet your anticipated price range.

Investigate environments

When you start visiting different nursing homes, pay close attention to what the environment is like. Do the patients appear clean and happy? Is the facility clean and sanitized? Is the staff organized and friendly? Watching red flags can help you narrow your search to locations that you feel confident will provide an environment that prioritizes comfort and safety.

Assess social involvement

Social activities will remain an important part of your loved one’s well-being. Studies show that individuals who have consistent social involvement enjoy a higher quality of life. This could ultimately impact life expectancy too. Ask about each facility’s community and how frequently they provide opportunities to socialize.

Writing a concise list of your expectations will give you something to measure each facility against. Your diligence in identifying what you want could speed up finding the perfect nursing home for your loved one.