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The transition to life in a nursing home can bring feelings of uncertainty and angst for anyone. Families that wish to ease their elderly loved ones’ concerns about this significant life change can benefit from knowing some strategies to make the move more encouraging and comfortable.

An older person’s introduction to nursing home life can make a considerable difference in his or her overall experience. Elderly people with a positive introduction may feel an immediate desire to connect with other residents and make the most of their new living arrangements.

Make it personal

Families can ask their loved ones what items they wish to move along with them. Perhaps there are sentimental gadgets or artwork that they can display in their room to make it feel more like home. For elderly folks with grandchildren, families can make a photo album of pictures of their grandchildren and put it in an accessible place. According to the National Caregivers Library, a decorated wall can bring energy and comfort to older family members who live in a nursing home facility.

Encourage social interaction

Families should encourage their elderly loved ones to socialize and get to know the people in their facility. If there are community events for residents to participate in, families can make sure their loved ones stay informed. Families can also attend and participate in events open to the public.

Regular visitation is another excellent way for families to help their loved ones’ transition to life in a nursing home. Good Therapy suggests that family members make a habit of listening to their loved one’s concerns and validating their feelings. Establishing a consistent visitation schedule can provide elderly family members with stability and something to look forward to as they continue to adapt to life in a new place.