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Everything has been signed, sealed and stored in a safe place. Most New Jersey residents may believe that once they’re done with estate planning and put the papers away, that’s it. But what if things happen in life and those papers still sit there untouched? It could spell problems for an estate owner’s loved ones.

Wills and other estate planning documents need to be kept current if an executor is to do the best job he or she was asked to do. An executor has about 100 tasks to complete in order to settle an estate, so having everything in order is a significant help. When changes happen in life, they should be reflected in an estate plan.

An estate plan should also be as detailed as possible or a testator risks not having his or her last wishes followed, not to mention it could cause family feuding. An estate plan should also reflect who is going to care for any minor children, speak to finances and digital assets. And often people don’t include their last wishes when it comes to funeral arrangements. It is better to have things chronicled rather than telling loved ones verbally.

New Jersey residents would do well to get the help of an experienced lawyer to assist in estate planning. A lawyer can ensure that his or her clients’ last wishes are included in a way that is binding legally. It could be devastating if, when the time comes, one or more estate planning documents were legally invalid.