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If someone has named you as an executor of a New Jersey estate, it’s a good idea to make sure you understand all the duties and obligations that entails. Estate litigation can be a complex, stressful process. Perhaps, you are an heir or beneficiary to someone’s estate. Maybe you have been designated to have power of attorney for someone who is now incapacitated.

These types of issues and others are always less stressful to resolve if you understand state laws and know where to seek support, as needed. It is unfortunate but not uncommon for disputes to arise in connection with probate litigation. A will might be contested. One heir might claim that he or she was supposed to receive a larger portion of an estate. Issues like these have been known to cause serious rifts in family relationships.

There are also numerous financial issues to resolve when a family member dies. There may be a trust that needs to be administered. You may also encounter legal complications regarding life insurance or retirement plan benefits.

Every New Jersey estate litigation proceeding is unique, some more complex than others. It is never a bad idea to seek legal support, especially if you’re facing a particular issue for the first time. There may be options available that you’re not aware of, which can help you protect your rights, especially regarding an inheritance. At Torsewski & McInerney, LLC, you can rely on an experienced legal team whose top priority is to protect your rights and interests in any matter concerning estate planning and administration.