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Caring for an aging loved one is both an honor and a challenge. Not everyone is up to the task, so they require help from outside sources to do some of the heavy lifting — so to speak. New Jersey residents want to believe that their loved ones are being taken care of, but the simple truth of the matter is, elder abuse is relatively common, and it is something everyone should look out for.

There are several things that one might see that indicates a loved one is the victim of elder abuse. If a loved one’s hygiene is not maintained or his or her residence is not clean, among other things, he or she might be the victim of neglect or abandonment. If a loved one shows up with bruises or wounds, and there is no reasonable explanation for them, he or she might be a victim of physical abuse. If a loved one’s behavior is off, and he or she is angry or depressed, psychological abuse may be a problem.

Of course, not all elder abuse is physical or emotional in nature. Financial abuse is very real and can leave the victim without enough money needed to survive. It may also result in the loss of prized possessions, taken by a caregiver or other family member without permission. One needs to monitor financial accounts and keep tabs on valuable possessions to determine if this type of abuse is occurring.

Elder abuse is never okay. Sadly, it is something that many of New Jersey’s elderly population endure daily. With the assistance of counsel, an end can be put to the abuse, and the party responsible for it held accountable.