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Many New Jersey residents will end up needing long-term care before their lives come to an end. The problem for most of them will be figuring out how to pay for it. Not everyone has LTC insurance; not many private medical insurance providers will cover it. Only the right type of Medicare is taken at many facilities, and numerous individuals will not have taken the proper steps to get Medicaid coverage when it is actually needed. An elder law attorney can help one plan ahead, so if LTC is needed, one can get the best care possible without completely breaking the bank.

Long-term care can cost thousands of dollars a month. Those with advanced medical needs pay out the most. Unfortunately, many insurance providers only cover so many days in LTC facilities — if they cover it at all. What happens if someone requires years in one of these places?

Long before LTC is needed, it is good to have an idea where one wants to end up. Good facilities typically have a waitlist. So, calling around, finding out what insurance is taken and having a plan ahead of time is always a wise decision. By knowing ahead of time what facilities cost and what insurance they take, one can try to obtain the right insurance. If that is not possible for some reason and Medicaid is needed to cover the cost of care, legal counsel may be able to help one move assets around; therefore, qualifying for Medicaid when required is possible.

An elder law attorney can play a vital role in long-term care planning and ensuring one’s rights are protected once in an LTC facility. The final years of one’s life should not be spent worrying about being able to afford needed care. With the right help, New Jersey residents and their loved ones can have peace of mind knowing they have a plan in place should LTC be needed.