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When a loved one dies, there is hope that the estate administration process will be completed quickly and without issue. Unfortunately, many in New Jersey and elsewhere find that this is not the case. The Stuart Scott estate litigation case is a prime example of this.

The late ESPN host left behind a fairly sizable estate to his daughters. However, his ex-wife has been fighting for money supposedly owed her according to their divorce decree, and his daughters have been fighting the co-trustees over a lack of proper payouts. Disney has also gotten into the middle of this legal battle, dealing with claims over retirement funds supposedly still owed to Mr. Scott’s ex.

Mr. Scott died in 2015, and the fight over his estate has been going on since then. Recently, a request was made to put estate litigation on hold over fears that the continued legal battle would completely wipe out any remaining assets. Those involved in this case have until Jan. 6, 2020, to figure out how to resolve the issues at hand.

The Stuart Scott case shows that estate litigation can be brutal. It can be costly, time-consuming and emotionally draining — among other things. It does not have to drag on for years on end, though. With the right help, closing out a loved one’s estate in the state of New Jersey doesn’t have to be a nightmarish process. Any issues with the estate can be addressed and resolved as quickly as possible through negotiation or, if necessary, litigation.