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Home » Estate Planning » Electronic wills not yet an estate planning option in New Jersey

Few people in New Jersey have or want to create wills. Even fewer want to take the time to go to an attorney’s office to go through the entire estate planning process. Electronic wills are being pushed for across the country, as people like the idea of them. They are not yet available to New Jersey residents, though, and that may not be a bad thing.

Electronic wills are all about convenience. They allow people to sit at home, create their own documents, and have them electronically signed and notarized. It doesn’t take much time, and it doesn’t cost much. Sounds great, right?

The convenience of electronic wills may be desirable, but there is a reason to avoid them. Many experts agree that the use of an E-will will likely result in an estate going through probate litigation before it is ultimately administered. There is no oversight. Too many people may take advantage of those who are willing to use them, which can lead to questions about will validity. So, the low cost and convenience may end up costing a person’s loved ones a lot in the end.

Even though electronic wills are not an estate planning option in New Jersey at this time, with the way the world is going, they will probably be legally allowed sooner rather than later. So, learning a bit about them certainly won’t hurt — especially if this is an option one is thinking about waiting for. For anyone who is ready to put together a will now, legal counsel can help with that.