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Too few New Jersey residents have estate plans in place. Of those who do, some may not have them stored adequately so that they do their loved ones any good. Estate planning does not just involve planning for one’s assets, loved ones and self-protection; it includes planning for proper document storage as well.

There are just a few places that estate planning professionals recommend finished estate plans be kept. First, at home, in a fire-proof safe, is a good place to keep the original or even a copy. Second, at one’s attorney’s office. Estate planning attorneys often keep client documents — both hard copies and digital. Third, with a trusted family member or friend.

Other storage places may come to mind, and they may all be well and good. Wherever an estate plan is kept, the location needs to be made known, and it needs to be accessible. If no one knows where it is or if they do not have the right to get a hold of it, it defeats the purpose of having an estate plan at all.

A lot of good can come from going through the estate planning process. New Jersey residents who do take the time to do it surely do not want all their hard work to go to waste by failing to store their documents properly. Those who need assistance with estate planning, whether they need to do it for the first time or they need to revise existing plans, can turn to an experienced attorney for help. Legal counsel will also be able to give guidance on where clients can place their documents for safekeeping.