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Some of the family members of a man who allegedly made millions in the stock market have taken his designated heir and agent to court, asserting that this individual should not receive the inheritance supposedly left him. Why? They claim that forgery and fraud are the only reasons he was left anything in the first place. When such beliefs exist in estate cases in New Jersey or elsewhere, estate litigation may be unavoidable.

According to a recent report, the nieces and nephews of a former mill worker have been fighting for access to his estate for five years. They claim that their uncle’s second cousin placed the man in a nursing home without knowledge or consent of anyone else, forged his signature on a will and power of attorney, and asked medical providers to end life support after the man had been placed on a breathing machine following a medical procedure that went awry. They also say the agent failed to buy a grave marker of any kind for their loved one despite inheriting roughly $4 million.

Handwriting specialists agreed that the signatures on the will and POA were not that of the decedent. The agent denies any wrongdoing. He, with the assistance of counsel, has filed an appeal in the forgery and fraud case. Until that is resolved, the future of the estate is in limbo.

Estate litigation is not for the faint of heart. There are cases, like the one mentioned here, that take years to resolve, while others may be closed out fairly quickly. Before taking estate issues to court, one needs to have a valid concern to do so along with evidence to back up one’s claims. Those who believe that they have what is necessary to contest the administration of an estate in New Jersey probate court can turn to legal counsel for a case review and, if deemed appropriate, assistance fighting the matter.