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Home » Estate Litigation » After years of estate litigation, Paulucci estate settled

New Jersey residents may or may not be aware of the fight over the estate of Jeno and Lois Paulucci. He, a famed businessman, and his wife passed away in 2011, leaving a vast estate worth millions to his named heirs. Unfortunately, various claims made against the terms of the estate plan caused family fights that led to estate litigation that has just now come to a close.

According to reports, after the couple’s death, roughly three dozen lawsuits were filed by various family members regarding who is entitled to what. Millions ended up being spent on attorneys fees and court costs. In the end, the heirs decided to settle the matter before any more of the estate was lost to legal expenses.

The specifics of the deal reached are not available to the public. Members of the Paulucci family are not allowed to speak of the terms, as part of the agreement. Some of them are no longer allowed to talk to each other. A joint statement on the matter simply said that all parties were able to come to agreeable terms and that they are happy that this issue is finally resolved.

Sometimes, estate litigation is called for. When it is, it can take time to get through. It may not take years as it did in the Paulucci case, but estate administration will take longer when lawsuits come into play. Those who have concerns over the estate of a loved one certainly can express those concerns and, if necessary, file lawsuits in a New Jersey probate court in order to make sure they are appropriately addressed. Legal counsel can help with this and will do everything possible to resolve the matter as quickly as possible so that the estate can be closed out in a timely manner.