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Many New Jersey residents need to take the time to do some planning for the future. Future planning is more than thinking five or 10 years out; it extends to planning for one’s incapacitation or death. While estate planning is not a fun topic, failing to get it done, get it done right and get it done with the help of the right people can have significant consequences for oneself and one’s beneficiaries.

When preparing to start the estate planning process, it is normal to look around and see what options and help are out there. There are a number of people in various professions who will claim to have the tools one needs to create a good and valid estate plan. At the end of the day, only lawyers have the ability to draft the legal documents one needs.

Before allowing just anyone to help with the estate planning process, it is important to do some research. One will want a good attorney who doesn’t charge crazy fees or will push products one does not really need. Unfortunately, there are a lot of people out there looking to scam people who are just trying to protect themselves, their assets and their loved ones.

The sooner New Jersey residents begin the estate planning process, the better, as older individuals are more likely to be taken advantage of by estate planning predators. By doing a little research, it is possible to avoid scams. An attorney who is thorough, listens and who does not take any shortcuts will be the best option if one wants to ensure his or her estate plan offers all the right protections and is valid.