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Home » Elder Law » New Jersey elder law: Woman charged with elder abuse

A former employee of Millennium Memory Care located in Holmdel has been arrested and charged with elder abuse. When New Jersey residents place their loved ones in care facilities, they should be able to do so knowing that they will be taken care of, not hurt by those placed over their care. Unfortunately, that did not happen in this case. An elder law attorney can help the victim and her family seek compensation for their losses.

According to a news report, in Dec. 2017, a 78-year-old woman with Alzheimer’s was being watched over by a 53-year-old woman who worked at the care facility as an aid. The patient had reportedly become agitated so the aid allegedly hit her in the head with a cell phone. This left a laceration on the patient’s head.

Following the incident, the aid was fired. The office of insurance fraud ultimately investigated this matter and filed charges against the former employee. It is unclear if the victim’s family members have pursued any civil claims against the aid or the care facility.

The sad reality of aging is that some individuals reach a point when they can no longer care for themselves. Care facilities are there to do this when family members cannot. Finding a good facility in New Jersey or elsewhere is not always an easy task; sometimes, it is necessary to pick one and hope for the best. Those who believe that their loved ones are victims of elder abuse while residents in care facilities do not have to sit by and let it happen. An elder law attorney may be able to help by removing the victim from the situation, investigating the matter and pursuing compensation by filing civil claims against the responsible parties.