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When you lose a loved one, the stress of closing out his or her estate can feel overwhelming. If no estate plan was put in place, you and any other surviving family members or friends of the deceased may find the probate process in New Jersey to be too much to handle. This is especially true if the lack of planning leads to estate litigation.

When a loved one dies intestate, all his or her assets are up for grabs. Family members may end up fighting about who should get what and who should be the executor. It happens all too often.

If you find yourself at odds with others over the handling of a loved one’s estate, it is okay to raise questions and demand answers. It is okay to keep the administration process from proceeding if you believe things are not being handled appropriately. Doing so may cause the probate process to last longer than usual, but it is better to address any issues now than wait until it is too late.

Not much about estate litigation is easy, especially if no estate plan was put in place by the decedent. Luckily, if you have claims to make against an estate, you do not have to go about filing and fighting those claims alone. A New Jersey-based attorney with experience handling estate litigation cases may prove to be a valuable asset to you. To learn more about estate litigation and how an attorney may be of assistance to you, please take a moment and visit our firm’s website.