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Glen Campbell, the country music star who is a legend in his own right, died in Aug. 2017. He left behind a massive estate, valued at around $50 million. His wife is said to be at least one of the beneficiaries of the estate, while three people — the singer’s children from a previous marriage — were not included in his will. This has led to estate litigation and claims that Campbell’s wife is to blame for their lack of inheritance. Such claims are fairly common, whether one is closing out an estate in New Jersey or elsewhere.

According to a recent report, a few of Glen Campbell’s children have filed claims in court stating that their stepmother refused to let them visit their ailing father. She, on the other hand, has fought back, saying that the three children in question never extended a hand to help or offered to visit in their dad’s final years of life. Mrs. Campbell took care of her husband at home until his disease progressed so much that he needed full-time nursing care. He died in a nursing home.

In a video report, Mrs. Campbell says that her husband’s will was written in 2002 while he was still clearheaded. He made the decision to leave these three children out of the will. She says she had nothing to do with that decision — despite claims to the contrary.

While not all estate cases deal with assets as significant or complex as the Glen Campbell case, the issue at the heart of it is one that many people who are closing out loved one’s estates in New Jersey may find themselves dealing with. It is hard to please everyone when creating an estate plan and this leads to will contests and estate litigation. When this happens, all parties have the right to seek out legal counsel who will be able to help them present their claims in court and fight for what they believe is fair.

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