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You recently lost a loved one and are going through the probate process in New Jersey. The person assigned as the personal representative of the estate is supposedly working away and getting things done, but you are not sure they are doing everything right. There are issues with assets, and you are worried that you and the other beneficiaries will end up with less than you should because of this one person’s mistakes. Through the estate litigation process, you can take these issues to court.

A personal representative has a tough job. There is a lot involved, and if the person assigned to this role is not familiar with all the procedures or state probate laws, a lot of mistakes can be made that can hurt beneficiaries down the line. If this person tries to administer the estate in a way that only benefits him or her personally, that is just flat out against the law and is a breach of duty and responsibility.

So, if you know something isn’t right with how your loved one’s estate is being handled, what do you do? What are your options? First, you do not have to let it slide. It is okay to ask questions and to file a complaint. An experienced estate litigation attorney can review your complaint and help you pursue it, if appropriate.

No one wants to drag out probate and estate administration, but sometimes, it is better to say something than remain quiet when there are concerns with how the personal representative is taking care of things. This is not something you are left to do on your own. To learn how a New Jersey estate litigation attorney can help you, please take a moment and visit our firm’s website.