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Your loved one died, and now you have the difficult task of closing out his or her estate. In doing so, you may find that unexpected claims are filed against the estate, or problems with the will or trust documents may exist. In New Jersey and elsewhere, there are two ways to resolve problems with an estate: mediation or estate litigation. Which will work best for you?

Not everyone wants to fight things out in court. That is okay. For such individuals, mediation may be an excellent choice. In fact, in most cases, mediation is tried first, as it can save time and money.

How does probate mediation work? Just like mediation for anything else, the parties involved meet in a neutral location in order to talk things out. A mediator is present with the sole purpose of keeping discussions going so that a fair agreement can be reached. To learn more about the process, please take a minute and visit our firm’s website.

If you choose to take part in the mediation process over estate litigation, you may find the whole experience to be less stressful yet just as effective. Of course, on the flip side, you may be dealing with issues that may require a judge’s ruling. If you are assigned the task of closing out the estate of a loved one who resided in New Jersey, you can turn to an experienced attorney for help in doing so. With assistance, you can get it done either through mediation or litigation — whichever you and your attorney believe will best serve your interests in the long run.