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If you have a family member who unexpectedly changed his or her will or estate plan, it is okay to question why such modifications were made. It is a sad reality that there are those who are manipulated into changing these documents in order for the manipulator to benefit him or herself. Fortunately, those in New Jersey and elsewhere who find themselves facing such situations may pursue estate litigation efforts in order to contest any adjustments made due to undue influence.

Contesting a will or any other aspect of an estate plan is not something that has to wait until the primary passes on. This is something that family members of other loved one’s can do at any time. Not only can requests be made that a will be voided or corrected, it may also be possible to seek compensation for any damages sustained by filing claims against the individual responsible for the wrongful changes.

Who would want to have a will changed for his or her benefit? Anyone, really. Those who usually do this are care givers, family members, friends or personal representatives. Proving that a loved one was manipulated can be a challenge, however.

Wills and other estate planning documents are created so that a person’s final wishes are known and honored. It is highly unfortunate that anyone would try to take advantage of an individual who is ill, confused or feeling pressured to make changes that really do no reflect what he or she wants for his or her assets and beneficiaries after death. New Jersey residents who have more questions about estate litigation and undue influence can read more about these topics by visiting our firm’s website.