Special Needs Planning Can Provide Lifetime Care

If you are the parent or relative of a special needs child, planning ahead for that child's care is critical. To ensure that the child will be protected throughout his or her life, speak with a lawyer who can help you plan for the future.

The law office of Torzewski & McInerney, LLC, provides experienced, caring representation to families with special needs children in New Jersey. Our Morris County special needs planning attorneys will take the time to answer your questions and thoroughly explain your options regarding special needs trusts and guardianships.

Legal Tools To Help You Care For Your Child

Special needs trusts enhance lives by providing money for things such as better clothing and personal care as well as interests and hobbies. In many cases, it is important to ensure that receiving funds from a special needs trust does not disqualify the person from eligibility for government benefits. Government assistance for medical care and housing is typically need-based, so it is best to have a lawyer create a special needs trust that is not deemed to be owned by your child and does not put your child over the asset limit.

Our attorneys can also apply for a guardianship for your adult special needs child. We recommend starting this process before your child's 18th birthday so you will be prepared in the event of an emergency such as an illness or accident.

When special needs children turn 18, they are legally considered adults. To make decisions for them, parents need to establish a guardianship. As legal guardians of their adult child, parents can make decisions regarding health care, finances and legal matters. Under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), parents must be legal guardians to discuss their adult child's medical information with doctors when he or she turns 18.

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