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Does An Elder In Your Life Need Legal Protection?

Because much of the elderly population suffers from physical or mental challenges, they are vulnerable to fraud and abuse by criminals, caregivers, fiduciaries and even relatives. As the baby boomer generation ages, elder abuse only continues to increase.

A Trusted Advocate Is Here For You

At the law office of Torzewski & McInerney, LLC, in Morristown, we are passionate advocates for abused and neglected elders in New Jersey. Our compassionate elder law attorneys have the legal and financial experience to prevent and stop elder abuse and hold responsible parties accountable. Whether you are a concerned family member or an individual who is suffering elder abuse, we are here for you. Contact us today for caring legal support.

Our versatile practice allows us to handle a broad range of legal issues surrounding elder abuse, including:

  • Financial abuse by criminals, trustees, family members or predatory lenders
  • Undue influence or misappropriation of assets
  • Nursing home abuse
  • Long-term health care and insurance issues

If an elderly individual has suffered emotional, physical or financial abuse, we will take steps to end the abuser’s power. Depending on the case, this may include the termination of a guardianship or powers of attorney. In some cases, filing restraining orders may be necessary to protect the individual.

When an elderly person has been the victim of fraud or another financial abuse, we will work to recover assets and return them to the estate. Our experience with probate and trust litigation means that we can take complex cases, going to trial when that is in our clients’ best interests.

Protecting The Assets And Wishes Of Elders

Our elder law practice includes estate planning, estate administration and probate litigation. We also assist people with obtaining guardianships for elderly adults who are mentally or physically incapacitated. We have experience with contested guardianships and can represent alleged incapacitated individuals who are challenging another party’s attempt to become their legal guardian. We have extensive litigation experience in estate disputes. When a resolution cannot be reached outside of court, we are always prepared to litigate to protect your or your loved one’s best interests.

Helping You Help Your Loved One

We are here to provide you with the skilled legal guidance you need to protect a cherished elder in your life. To schedule an appointment with an experienced elder law attorney in Morristown, please call 973-359-0080 or contact us online.