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Advanced planning matters if you are diagnosed with Alzheimer's

Alzheimer's is a disease that is affecting more people in New Jersey each year. It can be slow or fast to progress. It can be devastating to the victim of the disease and even more so to his or her loved ones. Due to the nature of Alzheimer's, advanced planning is critical to ensure one's wants and wishes are known and carried out before and after death.

When estate planning, structure matters

It is impossible to prepare for the future completely. No one knows what curveballs will be thrown their way. One of the only things people can be sure of is that they will not live forever. Estate planning allows New Jersey residents the opportunity to prepare for the inevitable and make sure that those they care about are taken care of. Here are four different structures that people tend to consider when putting their estate plans together.

New Jersey estate planning: Naming a digital guardian

Protecting digital assets is something this column has addressed in previous posts. Making sure digital assets are protected matters. Making sure that loved ones have the right to access digital assets also matters. When estate planning, New Jersey residents would be wise to consider naming a digital guardian. If this step is not taken, one's beneficiaries may not be legally allowed to access specific online accounts.

Estate planning: Are your heirs ready for their inheritance?

Putting together a solid plan for one's estate is something that no New Jersey resident should delay. There is a lot that goes into estate planning. One small part of it is making sure assets are left to the person or persons of one's choice. Something many people fail to consider, though, is how their heirs will actually handle their inheritance once they receive it.

Getting married and estate planning go hand-in-hand

Newly married couples in New Jersey and elsewhere often have big plans for their future. They dream of all the things they want to do and take steps to make those dreams a reality -- which, of course, is a good thing. There is one aspect of future planning that some newly married couples try to avoid, though, and that is preparing for death. Everyone dies at some point. If estate planning has not been completed, it can hurt one's spouse and/or one's children in the end.

New Jersey estate planning: Is a DIY will really worth it?

There are a lot of projects out there that the average person can complete on his or her own with great results. The do-it-yourself craze certainly gets people out, trying new things and sharpening already existing skills. Unfortunately, DIY is not meant for everything. Take a DIY will, for example. It is cheap and quick and seems to get basic estate planning done, but is it the best way for New Jersey residents to protect their assets and beneficiaries?

New Jersey estate planning: Do I need a trust?

To set up a trust or not to set up a trust, that is the question. Many New Jersey residents have an idea of what trusts can do, but some are not sure if going through the work to create one is really worth it. Is a trust really needed? It is actually not a necessity for everyone; however, those with children might want to consider all of the benefits a trust offers when going through the estate planning process.

Executor role is something to think about when estate planning

Planning one's estate can be a difficult task, as there is a lot to think about. One thing that some New Jersey residents may fail to really consider is the role the executor plays when it comes to administering their estates. Before just naming anyone to this position when going through the estate planning process, really consider who would be best for the job.

Not taking time to do estate planning only hurts your loved ones

According to a recent report, more than half of American adults have failed to take the steps necessary to protect themselves, their loved ones and their assets, if they were to become incapacitated or pass away. Not taking the time to do estate planning will only create problems down the line. It is something that every New Jersey resident should do, especially if they have children and/or property.

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