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elder law Archives

New Jersey elder law: Overuse of drugs in nursing homes

When placing a loved on in a nursing home or other type of care facility, one wants to believe that staff members will do their best to care for him or her. In many instances, that does occur. However, a recent report about the overuse of antipsychotic drugs in such facilities was just released and the findings are quite disturbing. Those in New Jersey who believe that their family members in care facilities are being inappropriately drugged may turn to an elder law attorney for help.

New Jersey elder law: Nursing home abuse is never okay

Putting a parent or other loved one in a nursing home is a significant and difficult decision. There are too many horror stories out there regarding elder abuse in such facilities. Those in New Jersey who believe that their loved ones have been to subjected to abuse either by care providers or other residents may turn to an elder law attorney for help.

Elder law: Man indicated for elder abuse

Nursing home administrators in New Jersey and across the country have certain responsibilities to their patients. In addition to ensuring that employees have the necessary training and experience to provide appropriate care, they must also ensure that these employees are dedicated to meeting the best interests of their patients and that no violations of elder law occur. Patients who are harmed as a result of employees at nursing homes may choose to file a civil lawsuit.

New Jersey elder law: Can a stranger be named a guardian?

When people in New Jersey and elsewhere think about guardianships, they think that the person named to such a role will be a family member or close family friend. This is a person whom they know and someone they believe they can trust. Unfortunately, this does not always happen. If a stranger ends up being named as the guardian of an incapacitated adult, family members may turn to an experienced elder law attorney in order to seek to have the guardianship revoked.

New Jersey elder law: Revoking a power of attorney

Picking a person who is responsible for making important decisions for you can be difficult to do. You always hope that the individual chosen will make those decisions with your best interests in mind. Unfortunately, this does not always happen,  and it can leave you and your loved ones in a tough spot. Thankfully, once granted, powers of attorney may be revoked or changed with the assistance of a New Jersey elder law attorney.