Mediation Is A Smart Starting Point For Probate Disputes

In New Jersey, any probate case set for trial will likely proceed through mediation first. This is usually a helpful process that often results in a resolution without the need for expensive discovery and a trial.

Attorney Thomas N. Torzewski is authorized to serve as a mediator for probate disputes in Morris County. He has attended the required training of the civil mediation training course presented by the New Jersey Institute for Continued Legal Education and serves as a private mediator. He is included on the Superior Court of New Jersey Roster of Approved Mediators.

Mr. Torzewski has served as a "neutral" and has assisted in reaching a mediated settlement in numerous cases and disputes over the years. We offer mediation services for probate disputes. If you are attending mediation, Mr. Torzewski can represent you as your lawyer and ensure your rights are protected. When mediation does not produce results, we can represent you in probate litigation.

The Benefits Of Mediation

Going to trial can be stressful, time-consuming and extremely expensive. Mediation is a very different process. The parties meet in a neutral environment to discuss the issues while the mediator makes sure that each party is heard and that there is no intimidation or coercion. The mediator's job is to help the parties reach an agreement.

Usually, mediation is a much shorter process than litigation. It saves money and is less stressful than a trial. In addition, the parties are allowed to decide the terms of the agreement themselves rather than leaving the decision to a judge.

Put Our Mediation Experience To Work For You

Mediation is often effective for resolving family disputes over probate, wills and trusts. The more relaxed atmosphere is better for preserving relationships than proceeding through discovery and then a trial.

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