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Home » Elder Law » What is my senior parent’s long-term care plan options?

Long-term care has become part of the senior population’s life planning to ensure their care and financial protection. However, some elders can no longer decide for themselves, which can be due to mental incapacity or simply old age. When this happens, children usually swoop in and help their parents establish a suitable long-term care plan.

The common long-term care choices

Depending on the unique circumstances of each elder, children and family members have various options to ensure their loved one’s long-term care, including the following common options:

  • Aging in place: Many elders wish to stay in their homes. This option is usually viable if other family members can actively look after them. Nonetheless, those living alone can still grow old at home by investing in support services, like hiring a caretaker and subscribing to meal and cleaning services.
  • Assisted living facilities and nursing homes: When it is apparent that seniors need full-time assistance and intensive care, their families consider placing them in assisted living facilities or nursing homes. These facilities should include rooms, meals, personal and medical care, and other services necessary for elderly care.
  • Adult day care centers: In other situations, family members can care for their senior loved ones only before and after work or during certain times. Signing elders up for adult day care is an option in these cases. With this option, elders spend the day at the day care center and go home to their families afterward.

Other options can include programs specifically to support those elders with terminal illnesses.

How do you know which one to choose?

Choosing the most suitable long-term care plan for your parent will depend on their needs, priorities and resources. It is important to incorporate a long-term care plan for elders while aligning it with their needs. Remember that the priority of this type of planning is to secure their safety and financial protection.