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New Jersey elder law attorneys help people who are already elderly with their legal needs.

Other people may consult an attorney with experience in elder law to plan for the future and get their legal affairs in order as they get older.

Senior citizens have unique legal needs

As New Jersey residents age, they will discover that some of their legal needs are unique. Elder law attorneys claim the knowledge and experience to meet these unique needs.

For example, estate planning is particularly important for people as they get older.

Beyond just writing a will, most people will also want to put advance directives in place so that trusted loved ones have the authority to make financial and healthcare decisions on their behalf.

In many cases, a person may also want to do some additional estate planning and may even wish to create a trust or other more complicated document.

Depending on a person’s financial situation, a person in the Morristown area may require detailed financial and tax planning when carving out their estate plan.

Elder law attorneys serve as advocates for the elderly and their families

When necessary, attorneys with experience in elder law also advocate for the best interests for senior citizens and their families.

Getting older can be a scary time. On the one hand, aging is expensive, especially with respect to medical costs. On the other hand, many senior citizens have built up wealth, and there are many who try to take advantage of the elderly in order to enrich themselves.

With a variety of legal techniques and knowledge, legal professionals are able to help people afford the cost of aging while hanging on to as much of their savings as possible. When necessary, they also step in to prevent financial or other forms of abuse.