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Kevin Turner had an amazing career in the National Football League. Unfortunately, because of the number of hits he took during his time playing football, he developed chronic traumatic encephalopathy, which caused him to experience both physical and mental impairments. Just before his death, he altered his will, cutting out his parents and children as the beneficiaries to his estate. Now, these former beneficiaries are in the midst of estate litigation, trying to get back what they feel is rightfully theirs. Those closing out an estate of a loved one in New Jersey may do the same if they are dealing with similar circumstances.

According to a recently released article, Mr. Turner was a devoted father and husband. However, the CTE drastically affected his personality, and he and his wife eventually divorced. As Turner’s health declined, an in-home nurse was hired to take care of him. Turner eventually married the nurse and, just days before his death, he changed his estate plan to make her the sole beneficiary.

The estate is valued in the millions thanks to Turner’s NFL pension and money awarded in a class-action case against the NFL. Turner’s wife claims her husband was in a solid state of mind when he made the alterations to his estate plan and is refusing to surrender her inheritance. Now, a judge will get to decide who Turner’s rightful heirs are.

When there are concerns over the validity of a will due to undue influence, estate litigation may be the only way to resolve the issue. This is a serious accusation, and providing evidence to support one’s case can prove a challenging task. With the right assistance, it may be possible to successfully navigate such a claim in a New Jersey probate court.