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After a loved one dies, it is a common goal to want to get through the estate administration process in New Jersey as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, you may find yourself dealing with estate litigation if anyone in your family questions your loved one’s estate plan or lack thereof. Legal matters such as this can become expensive very quickly. Who pays for estate litigation?

Many people are worried that legal fees will need to be paid out of their own pocket. The truth is that when there are concerns over an estate and litigation is necessary to resolve them, legal fees are generally paid out of the estate. This way, family members are not left with massive legal bills when all is said and done.

The downside to assets from an estate being used to pay for litigation is that it digs into one’s inheritance. Depending on how large an estate is and how many issues need to be resolved, some people may be left with little to inherit if litigation drags on. If litigation becomes necessary to resolve an issue in your loved one’s estate, an experienced attorney may be able to help you find a reasonable solution as quickly as possible.

Estate litigation is never pleasant, but sometimes it is necessary. If you or other family members believe it is needed while closing out your loved one’s estate, it is okay and things will eventually work out. To learn how a New Jersey probate law attorney can be of assistance to you while closing out your loved one’s estate, please visit our firm’s website.