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Home » Estate Litigation » DA’s last minute will change led to estate litigation

A district attorney in a neighboring state died from cancer in 2016. Less than two week’s before his death, he changed his will. This resulted in his mother pursuing estate litigation in an effort to get the new will thrown out. Such legal action may also be pursued in New Jersey for individuals dealing with the same type of situation.

According to a recent report, the man’s new will essentially cut out his mother and left everything to his children and wife. In his previous will, which was written in 2008, his mother and other family members stood to inherit $900,000. His mother claims that his widow manipulated him into signing a new will in his last days. His wife disputes this claim.

This case has been raging on for nearly two years. A judge recently ruled that there is a reason to question the will’s validity. The mother and daughter are due back in court in September to hopefully bring this case to an end so that there is still something left to inherit. The deceased man’s wife claims that the legal fees incurred because of this fight have substantially reduced the inheritance meant for the couple’s children.

Deathbed wills are often questioned by family members, as they should be. As most people lay dying they are not in the right mental state to make significant legal decisions. It is okay to bring up will validity in such cases. Estate litigation claims in New Jersey will be heard in probate court. Those individuals wishing to pursue legal action over last minute will changes can turn to an experienced attorney for assistance in presenting their cases before a judge.